Key Findings in August

A total of 81 percent of respondents say they know how to build using safer building practices. As with other information related questions, CFP wanted to understand if this perception was reflective of community member’s true knowledge of these practices. Results, as illustrated below, were better than
anticipated overall; however, concerns remain over low levels of knowledge on use of quality materials, and banding requirements.
Additionally, as with all information questions, the level of knowledge of each element of safer building is lower among women than men. It is extremely important to ensure that women are equally targeted with information on reconstruction practices and policies, as they are often overseeing household
reconstruction. The majority of respondents got their information from engineers or other family or community members, proving that face-to-face interaction is the most common method of
learning and understanding new information.

What are people saying?

What do you know about safer building practices?

71 %

Should have vertical reinforcement in corners

63 %

Selection and examination of construction place

54 %

Shape of house should be rectangular or square

27 %

Stone should be dressed properly

23 %

Use of quality construction materials

20 %

Need to have bands at DPC level, sill band, lintel level and roof level

Where did you get this information from?

73 %


52 %

Community member

30 %

Family member

27 %

Village Municipality

25 %


20 %

Community leader

14 %


13 %


9 %