Key Findings in August

A total of 83 percent of respondents report having begun their reconstruction or repair process. This is roughly equivalent to the May 2018 survey round, meaning there has not been a significant number of households which have begun to build during the rainy season, which is to be expected.
Fifty-nine percent of respondents reported building or having built, a two-room house. This is not surprising, given that previous community perception reports have highlighted that the two-room design has been widely suggested by field engineers, and many households have felt they did not have
the option to select a different design. Despite that, 91 percent of respondents report being satisfied with the house they are building or have built. Focus group discussions revealed that respondents are generally satisfied because they are happy to have a permanent place to live again, after the earthquake.
However, it remains difficult for them to re-arrange their lives to fit into a much smaller physical space than they previously lived in. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics Damage Assessment, 86 percent of pre-earthquake households were two storeys or more. Many reveal they are coping by making an
outdoor kitchen, using their temporary shelter or old house for guests and searching for additional storage for food and grains. Many also admit that they plan to expand the house or build another house once they have gotten out from under the debt they took to build.

What are people saying?

How big is the house you are building/have built?

59 %

Two room

17 %

Four room

10 %

One room

7 %

Three room

6 %

More than four room

Why are you building/ have you built a house you are not satisfied with?

54 %

I have nowhere else to live

23 %

Life was difficult in temporary shelter

53 %

Government tranche deadline

26 %

Have to build to get next grant installment

13 %

Concern over blacklist if I don’t build

9 %

Family members were getting ill because of cold and rain

How will you/your family adjust after construction is completed?

50 %

Build more room when we have enough money

31 %

Build another house when we have enough money

28 %

Finding alternative storage for food/grains

7 %

Separating joint family