Key Findings in August

A total of 85 percent of respondents feel they have the information they need to access reconstruction support. Among the 14 percent who do not feel they have sufficient information, the top unmet information needs included: when will grievances be processed, how to access the advertised subsidy loans, and
what is the process for getting government support. The issue of information on subsidy loans also emerged strongly in focus group discussions, with participants asking how and where they could access this loan that they have heard advertised on the radio. Given the challenges in turning the subsidy loan policy into practice, it is only fair to inform the public that these loans are unlikely to be widely available any time in the near future, and that they should also explore other financial mechanisms that can help ease the burden of debt for affected families.
Additionally, 94 percent feel confident that they understand the grant process thoroughly enough to access all available support. While respondents may feel confident, it is clear, when they are
asked to name the features of the process, that understanding is only truly high in the basic concepts, such as tranche value, and much lower when it comes to more technical aspects of the program. Furthermore, some districts know much less about the programme’s technical aspects than others, such as Solukhumbu, Kavrepalanchok, Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Okhaldhunga.

What are people saying?

Top information needs

38 %

When will the grievance file be addressed?

32 %

How/where can I access a subsidy loan for additional finance?

30 %

What is the process for getting government support?

24 %

When do we need to complete the reconstruction process?

17 %

How do I get the next tranche?

13 %

What will happen to me if I don’t build a house with the grant money?