Key Findings in May

Eighty-four percent of respondents across 40 earthquake affected paulikas have consulted an engineer on their housing reconstruction needs. Among the 15 percent who have not consulted, the majority cited the fact that they had yet to commence their reconstruction, while 22 percent said it was because engineers were not available in their community. The majority of respondents (53 percent) say that their interaction with an engineer resulted in technical guidance on how to build. However, from the qualitative analysis it is understood that this encompasses a broad range of “advice”. Nearly all focus group participants stated that the technical guidance provided by engineers was to build a two-room house if they wanted to get approved for the next tranche. Additionally, a number of issues have been raised around the confusion and frustration that homeowners face when given contradictory technical advice by different engineers on visits to their community that are few and far between. It is noteworthy that communities in which engineers were based permanently, as staff of a reconstruction support project, or similar, did not have the same issues with contradictory advice or needing to make expensive corrections, because they were overseen throughout the whole construction process.

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