Key Findings in May

A total of 82 percent of respondents feel they have the information they need to reconstruct their homes, and 89 percent. Additionally, a staggering 89 percent believe they understand the grant process thoroughly enough to access all support. Men display greater levels of confidence than women, with 29 percent responding “completely yes” versus only 15 percent of women. However, there is a clear and vast disconnect between that perception and the actual knowledge of the process that respondents have.
Asking respondents to tell us everything they know about the housing reconstruction process reveals that, while the majority of respondents are aware of the values of each of the three tranches, knowledge and understanding of the actual requirements of the process drops of significantly from there. Analysis by gender reveals that women as just as likely as their male counterparts to know the values of the tranches, but significantly less likely to understand the process requirements.

What are people saying?

Top information needs

36 %

How do i get the next tranche

33 %

What is the process for getting government support?

31 %

How/where can I access a subsidy loan for additional finance?

30 %

When do we need to complete the reconstruction process?

26 %

When will the grievance file be addressed?

16 %

What will happen to me if I don’t build a house with the grant money?

What do you know about the grant process?

93 %

50,000 first trance

32 %

First tranche on enrollment

26 %

Engineer inspection and sign off for each tranche

82 %

150,000 second tranche

72 %

1,00,000 third tranche

40 %

Second tranche after foundation

30 %

Third tranche after roof beams (walls)

24 %

Government approved house design

29 %

Toilet needed for third tranche

17 %

17 models