Key Findings in May

Across 2580 respondents in 40 paulikas 63 percent feel their main reconstruction needs are being addressed. This represents an overall improvement from 56 percent in the December 2017 survey. However, among the 37 percent whose main needs are not addressed, the top issue remains financial resources. This is further emphasized in later questions with reference to high building costs and increasing debt burden. Respondents in paulikas that were not encompassed by the “14 priority affected districts” or the 11 districts in which the reconstruction process first began in are much less likely to feel that their needs are being met. This includes Lamjung (18 percent), Lalitpur (33 percent), Bhaktapur (34 percent) and Solukhumbu (51 percent). Additionally, some distinct differences along caste/ethnic lines emerge, with Rai (35 percent), Gurung (41 percent) and Dalit (51 percent) respondents emerging as the least likely to feel their reconstruction needs are being met.

What are people saying?

Top unmet reconstruction needs

65 %

Financial resources

12 %

Skilled labour

11 %

Building materials