Key Findings in December

Seventy-seven percent of respondents claim to be aware of how to build using safer building practices. This represents an overall increase from 64 percent in January 2017. It remains encouraging that 87 percent of those who have completed reconstruction and 83 percent of those who have started reconstruction feel they are aware of how to build using safer building practices. 


Interpersonal communication, whether through family members, engineers or village council, far outstrips any other form of communication when it comes to information on how to build. Resources aimed at improving homeowners’ understanding of the complex techniques and processes they need to employ to build their homes in a safe manner should be invested in face-to-face methods. Though more time consuming, labour intensive and costly, this will have the greatest impact.

What are people saying?

Where did you get this information

59 %

Community members

56 %


51 %


42 %

Village council

Which form of communication makes it easiest to understand the reconstruction process?

61 %

Radio program

56 %

Public services announcement

49 %


28 %

Interaction program