Key Findings in December

As of December 2017, 56 percent of respondents’ report having committed their own resources to their reconstruction project. Over the course of 2017, there has been a total increase of 14 percent, but only a three percent increase from March to December 2017. 

A persistent concern is the steady increase in the number of respondents who report having taken loans to finance their reconstruction. Currently 66 percent say they have taken loans, which reflects a drastic increase over the course of 2017, from only one percent in January. 


The sharply increasing rate of respondents reporting to have taken loans is concerning, considering that the promised low interest loans have not been made available. This implies that households are financing their reconstruction under harsh conditions and repayment rates. This issue must be prioritized by the recovery community through endeavoring to understand it better, and take action to reduce the potentially harsh long term economic impacts on earthquake affected communities. 

What are people saying?

Type of resources committed

66 %


61 %

Self labour

63 %

Money saving

41 %

Own materials