Key Findings in December

Eighty-three percent of respondents’ report having received housing reconstruction support. This is only a two-percentage point increase since July 2017. Overall, there has been an increase over the course of 2017 from 69 percent having received support in January. Those aged 55+ were ten percentage points more likely to report having received assistance than the 15-24 age group.

Among those received support, 100 percent obtained that support from the NRA’s government housing grant, but only three percent  have received the third tranche and 18 percent second tranche. An additional four percent also reported having received funding from an I/NGO. Of the respondents who have not received support, 72 percent say it is due to unaddressed grievances, and an additional 25 percent say their name is not on the eligibility list.  

Ultimately, 53 percent of those who received the government housing grant have started reconstruction. Of the 46 percent who have not, the predominant reasons cited included insufficient funds (64 percent), already spent the grant money (15 percent) and cannot get skilled labour (11 percent). 

What are people saying?

Why have you not started reconstruction after receiving government tranche?

64 %

Insufficient money

15 %

Money already spent

11 %

No availability of trained mason