Key Findings in December

Sixty-three percent of respondents across the 14 priority affected districts have consulted an engineer for their housing reconstruction needs. This is one of the most marked, and persistent improvements over the course of 2017, increasing from only 37 percent in January. Only three percent of respondents who claim their reconstruction is complete did not consult an engineer; however, among those whose homes were completely destroyed, 49 percent have not consulted an engineer and only six percent plan to consult one. Equally concerning is that among those who have consulted an engineer, 57 percent were advised to rebuild their homes, and only 34 percent were informed that their home was built as per criteria.


Engineer consultation must happen before reconstruction begins in order to ensure households begin construction correctly. Engineers should not be engaged only once houses have already been partially reconstructed. Pushing to ensure engineer consultation is expanded to households before they begin constructing will reduce errors in construction and increase compliance rates. 


What are people saying?

Why have you not consulted engineer?

89 %

Have not started rebuilding house

6 %

No availability of engineer in the VDC

District highlights

88 %

of respondent in Ramechhap have consulted an engineer for reconstruction process.

81 %

of respondent in Sindhupalchowk have consulted an engineer for reconstruction process.

51 %

of respondent in Kavrepalanchowk have NOT consulted an engineer for reconstruction process.