Key Findings in December

Seventy-six percent of respondents said they have the information they need to access housing reconstruction support. There has been no increase in this rate over the past six months, with respondents reporting feeling the same about their information needs being met since July 2017. 

However, there has been a change in respondent’s actual level of knowledge about the grant process since last round. While the proportion of people who report feeling confident they understand the grant processes thoroughly enough to access all necessary support has not changed, at 68 percent, the elements of the process they report to be aware of signals some improvement.

As in all previous rounds, there are persistent and significant differences between genders, with 82 percent of men saying they have the information they need, and 75 percent feeling confident they know all the grant procedures. This is compared to only 70 percent of women who feel they have the information they need and 60 percent who feel confident in their understanding of the grant process. Likewise, when asked what they know about the process, the gap between women and men is between 10-20 percentage points across every aspect of the process


Female focused communication strategies need to be developed to ensure women are equally informed on the reconstruction process and are participating as well

What are people saying?

What do you know about the grant process

89 %

50000 is the first tranche

79 %

150000 is the second tranche

62 %

100000 is the third tranche

37 %

Government approves house design

37 %

Engineer inspect/approve each tranche

33 %

17 Models

Top information needs

31 %

If i am eligible or not

22 %

Reconstruction deadline

10 %

When will grievances be addressed