Key Findings in December

Among 2100 respondents across 14 priority affected districts, 56 percent say their main reconstruction needs are being met. An overall increase of 15 percentage points has been observed over the course of the six rounds of community perception surveys conducted in 2017. 

Among districts, Kavrepalanchok is the most dissatisfied, with a mere 39 percent of respondents saying their main reconstruction needs are being met. This is closely followed by Lalitpur, Dolakha and Dhading with only 45 percent of respondents in each district saying completely or somewhat yes. Responses are fairly consistent across age, gender and rural/urban respondents.


Over 2017 the prioritization of financial resources among those who say their main problems are not addressed has remained consistent. Access to reasonable financial mechanisms must be made available to those attempting to reconstruct if the process is to advance without creating long term detrimental impacts on communities’ economic recovery.

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