Key Findings in September

Among 2100 respondents in 14 earthquake affected districts, 55 percent say men and women are equally engaged in the reconstruction and recovery process. However, there is a significant gap between the opinions of men and women on this point. Sixty percent of male respondents believe men and women are equally engaged, whereas only 49 percent of female respondents agree. 

There is also an interesting difference between caste/ethnic groups on this question, with Gurung respondents feeling the most strongly that there is equal engagement among men and women, at 76 percent, as compared to other Janajati groups at only 37 percent respondents who feel there is inequality in the process believe it to be resulting from the fact that preference is given to men in beneficiary lists (57 percent), low participation of women in training (36 percent) and women are not as strong as men (32 percent). 

What are people saying?

Reason for unequal engaggement

57 %

Preference given to male in beneficiary list

36 %

Low participation in training

32 %

Women are not as strong as men