Key Findings in September

Across 2100 respondents in 14 earthquake affected districts, 28 percent feel someone in their community is being excluded or discriminated against in reconstruction activities. This is an improvement from 33 percent in July 2017 and a total improvement from 40 percent in January 2017. Once again, this question has the highest rate of refusals of any question in the Community Perception Survey, at 16 percent. 

Among caste/ethnic groups other Janajatis (32 percent), Tamangs (30 percent) and Gurungs (28 percent) had the highest response rates. For those who felt there was discrimination, top reasons for exclusion were cited as: based on political connections (33 percent), because they lacked official documents such as property documents (30 percent) and joint families (28 percent). 

What are people saying?

Reason for being excluded

33 %

Based on political affiliation

30 %

Based on lack of official document

28 %

Joint families