Key Findings in September

Across 2100 respondents in 14 districts, 69 percent feel that the post-earthquake reconstruction process is making progress. This finding is relatively consistent between genders and among age groups; however, it varies significantly by both caste/ethnic group and district. 

Brahmin respondents are most likely to feel the reconstruction is making progress, at 80 percent, whereas Gurung and Magar respondents are the least likely to feel there is progress being made at 59 percent each. Among districts, the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley are the most negative, but variation exists outside the Valley as well. In both Sindhuli and Makwanpur 100 percent of respondents felt progress was being made in reconstruction. In start contracts, only 51 percent of respondents in Ramechhap felt progress was being made. 

Among the 25 percent of respondents who do not feel the reconstruction process in making progress, top reasons include unclear government policies, a lack of money to finish homes, delays in fund disbursement, installment basis of tranche disbursement, and delay in decisions regarding grievances filed.

What are people saying?

Top things preventing progress

39 %

Government policies unclear

14 %

Lack of money

8 %

Delay in fund disbursement

8 %

Installment basis of tranche disbursement