Key Findings in September

Among the 2100 respondents across 14 affected districts, 49 percent reported being aware of mason training available in their area or community. Women, however, are significant less aware of such trainings than men, with only 41 percent of women as compared to 57 percent of men reporting to be aware of trainings. Significant differences among districts are also observed, with 88 percent of respondents in Makwanpur and 80 percent of respondents in Gorkha aware of mason training opportunities, while only 14 percent of respondents in Okhaldhunga are aware of such opportunities.

Of those who are aware of trainings, 15 percent have participated and 21 percent reported their interest in participating in mason trainings. Half of those who have participated now work as masons, whereas 42 percent have used the training to build their own homes. What is fascinating is that while women are less likely to be aware of mason training opportunities, they are equally interested in participating in training, with 21 percent of both male and female respondents who report being aware of training expressing their interest in participating. By caste/ethnicity, Dalit and Gurung respondents report the highest interest in participating in a mason training, at 30 and 33 percent respectively.

What are people saying?

Reason for not participating in Mason training

58 %

Limited number

38 %

Household chores

24 %

Agriculture work

13 %

Focus to men