Key Findings in September

Eighty-five percent of respondents say they have received some form of housing reconstruction support. This is a four-percentage point increase over the July 2017 survey, and a combined five percentage point increase over the May 2017 survey. It is not surprising that the rate of change should slow as the percentage of earthquake victims who have received support moves closer to 100 percent.

Of the 85 percent, nearly all (99.9 percent) have received funds through the government’s housing grant. Eighty-five percent of these respondents have received only the first tranche, with 14 percent already access the second tranche and only one percent reporting to have received the third tranche. 


Furthermore, of the 85 percent who have received the government grant, 55 percent say they have not started reconstructing since receiving the funds. The top reason cited for this was that the money was insufficient (67 percent). Other factors included: they had already spent it (14 percent) and insufficient skilled labour (nine percent). 

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