Key Findings in September

Across 14 districts, 53 percent of respondents have already consulted an engineer for their housing reconstruction needs. There is no increase in engineer consultation since the July 2017 survey. This is potentially attributable to the monsoon season and focus on agricultural production that comes with it.

A positive finding is that 94 percent of those who have started reconstruction and 89 percent of those who have completed reconstruction reported having consulted an engineer. This indicates that homeowners are committed to trying to improve the seismic safety of their homes.

Among those who have not consulted, the main reason cited was that they had not started rebuilding their house.

Importantly, women were seven percent less likely to have consulted an engineer than men, a further indication that women are less meaningfully engaged in the reconstruction process.  

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Districts Highlights

72 %

of respondents in Dolakha have consulted an engineer.

70 %

of respondents in Rasuwa have consulted an engineer.

68 %

of respondents in Ramechhap have consulted an engineer.

59 %

of respondents in Makwanpur have NOT consulted an engineer.