Key Findings in September

Progress on information needs being met has plateaued, with the exact same response rate as the July 2017 survey, a one percentage point increase over May 2017 and five percentage point increase since March 2017. Across 2100 respondents in 14 districts, 76 percent of say they have the information they need to access reconstruction support. 

The results of this survey round are fairly consistent across urban/rural, caste/ethnic and age variables. However, differences by gender are persistent, not only in the overall percentage of positive responses (80 percent men vs. 73 percent women), but particularly in confidence, with 16 percent of men responding “completely yes” vs. only six percent of women.

Unlike previous rounds, the top question among those who report not having enough information is “when do we need to complete reconstruction?” Which indicates that rumours of the tranche deadlines may have spread, but the details are unclear. 

In addition, 68 percent of respondents are confident they understand the grant process thoroughly enough to get all the necessary support. Those respondents were then asked what they understand about the grant process. The most commonly held knowledge about the grant process is the values of the three tranches, and only 51 percent knew the value of tranche three. Only 22 percent knew engineers need to approve each stage for tranche release and 28 percent still believe they need to use one of 17 model designs. This clearly demonstrates that respondents do not, in fact, have all the information they need to successfully navigate the reconstruction process. 

What are people saying?

What do you know about the grant process

91 %

First tranche 50,000

69 %

Second Tranche 150000

51 %

Third Tranche 100000

33 %

Government approve house design

33 %

Second Tranche after foundation