Key Findings in March

A total of 80 percent of respondents have received some form of reconstruction support, this is up from 69 percent two months ago, indicating that progress towards all affected people receiving support is being made at a good rate.

Rural people are 20 percent more likely to have received some form of reconstruction support than those living in urban areas.

The government housing grant is the primary source of support respondents have received (98 percent). Most have received only the %rst tranche, and among them 13 percent have had three house inspections, 20 percent have had two, 21 percent have had one and 38 percent have had no inspections.

Among the 11 percent of respondents who had not received any reconstruction support, 57 percent cited unaddressed grievances as the main cause.

What are people saying?

Reason for not receiving housing reconstruction support

Unaddressed grievance (57%)

Name missing on eligibility list (30%)

Ongoing banking process (12%)

Source of support

Government grant (98%)

I/NGO (10%)

Media/private sector/community (4%)

Type of support received

Cash transfer (99%)

Consultation (8%)

Info on safe building practices (4%)