Key Findings in July

Across 14 districts and 2100 respondents, only 20 percent feel that their sources of livelihood could survive another disaster.  This is no change over the March 2017 survey. Female respondents were less confident in their livelihood resilience than male respondents (17 vs 23 percent). Significant variation is observed by district, with Makwanpur emerging the most confident in livelihood resilience at 44 percent, followed by Dhading and Ramechhap at 38 and 37 percent respectively, as compared to Sindhuli at 0 percent and Kathmandu at 8 percent. Interestingly, respondents whose homes were never damaged, those who report already having completed their reconstruction, and those who reported having started their reconstruction feel much more confident in their ability to be resilient to future risks (50, 31 and 27 percent respectively). Similar to survey respondents, focus group discussion participants also reported low levels of confidence in their livelihood’s resilience to future shocks, and cited risk reduction awareness and early warning system as the main factor that could help them improve their resilience

What are people saying?

Do you feel that your source of livelihood would survive another disaster?

79 %


55 %

Preparedness Plan

27 %

Alternative for Shelter