Key Findings in July

Across 14 district and 2100 respondents, agriculture stood as the top source of livelihood, with 67 percent citing it as their primary income generation strategy. Regarding food production, 64 percent of respondents report growing at least half of their own food. Focus group discussion participants revealed that limited farmland and lack of irrigation limits them from growing more of their own food. Only 10 percent do not grow any of the food they eat. While agriculture come out as the top source of livelihood in every district, there is variation in the relative weight placed on it by district. Other livelihood strategies, such a business and labour came out more strongly in some districts and among some caste/ethnic groups. For instance, business is the primary source of livelihood for a number of respondents in Kathmandu (25 percent), Rasuwa (15 percent) and Bhaktapur and Ramechhap (12 percent each). By caste/ethnicity, Dalit respondents were most likely to report relying on labour for their livelihoods (20 percent).

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