Key Findings in July

Across 14 districts and 2100 respondents, 86 percent say their daily food needs are being met. Among the 13 percent who reported that their daily food needs were not being met mentioned that paid work (54 percent) and new skills (38 percent) were top two things that require to meet their family’s daily food needs. As usual differences in perceived food insecurity were observed among districts, as well as social groups.  Dalit, Gurung and Sherpa were the most likely to feel food insecure, with 25, 23 and 19 percent respectively reporting their daily food needs were not being met.  The gender perspective shows that the female respondents felt more that their family’s daily food needs were not being met (15 percent) than their male counterparts (11 percent). Focus group discussion participants were less likely than survey participants to feel their food needs were being fully met, and said they needed regular paid work, followed by new skills and technology to meet those needs.

What are people saying?

If yes how do you meet your daily food needs?

84 %

Grow some of own food

83 %

Buy most of their food