Key Findings in July

Across 2100 respondents in 14 districts, 69 percent report knowing how to build using safer building practices.  While an encouraging result, this figure actually represents a decrease in the reported level of confidence in knowledge of safer building practices, from 78 percent in May 2017. This decline is seen most in the “completely yes” category, which dropped from 22 to 10 percent. As always, a significant difference is observed between male and female respondents in their perceived knowledge of safer building practices. This is not surprising, as focus group discussions have revealed that women are not generally seen as promising participants with high potential for various training programmes, including mason training. In one focus group in Nuwakot, a female participant revealed that she had actually been told women were not allowed to take part in mason training when she tried to join. Overall, this is yet another symptom of the overall problem that women do not seem to be considered to be true agents of the reconstruction process.  

What are people saying?

Where did you get this information

85 %

Community/family member/leaders

51 %


43 %


How do you plan to use these practices

77 %

Consulting engineer before construction

63 %

Employing trained masons

46 %

Use all safer building practice elements