Key Findings in July

Across 2100 respondents in 14 districts, 60 percent feel the reconstruction process is progressing. This is a decrease from 63 percent in the May 2017 survey round. While it could be considered that the monsoon season has put building on hold, leading to a lack of progress, overall there has been a slow down in the improvement of the perception of progress over the past several months, indicating a general plateau of communities’ perception of progress. As with many questions, a significant gap exists between women and men in their perception of progress, with women less likely to feel there is progress in reconstruction. Furthermore, single women (including divorced, separated and widows) are even less likely to feel there is progress, at 45 percent. This is another key indicator that women are not fully engaged in the reconstruction process.

What are people saying?

Top things preventing progress

54 %

Government policies unclear

30 %

Delay in fund disbursement

18 %

Installment basis of tranches

22 %

Lack of money to finish house