Key Findings in July

Across 14 districts and 2100 respondents, 61 percent report being satisfied with the grant dispersal process. This is the same results as in the May 2017 survey round. Among those who are not satisfied, the main reasons for this dissatisfaction include the first tranche being insufficient to begin work and the lengthy, complicated process. ,When it comes to differences in level of satisfaction between caste/ethnic groups, Dalit respondents report being the most satisfied with the process (70 percent). There are several potential reasons behind this. It is possible that Dalit communities have lower expectations for support than others. It is also possible that they may feel hesitant to complain about the support they are receiving. Conversely, it may be that many Dalit communities have been targeted by I/NGOs for top up support which has increased their overall feeling of satisfaction with the process.

What are people saying?

Why are you not satisfied

29 %

First Tranche insufficient to begin work

28 %

Time consuming process

25 %

Complicated in nature