Key Findings in July

Across 14 districts respondents report a variety of different plans for housing reconstruction. Most concerning is that among those who are waiting to start reconstruction, 14 percent say they are waiting for the second tranche to begin. This is actually a slight increase from 12 percent in May 2017, but overall shows that progress has not been made in ensuring that those who are fundamentally misunderstanding the grant process are receiving correct information. Other respondents delaying reconstruction claim to be waiting for:  availability of materials, availability of labour and extra funds in the form of a subsidy loan. Interestingly, the percentage of people who claim to be hoping to take a subsidy loan from the government in order to start their reconstruction has been steadily declining: from 20 percent in January 2017 to only seven percent currently. This may indicate that affected people are gradually losing confidence that a low interest loan will ever be made available to support their reconstruction. 

What are people saying?