Key Findings in July

Across 14 districts, 53 percent of respondents have already consulted an engineer for their housing reconstruction needs. This is the only reconstruction question that saw a significant improvement over the past survey round in May 2017, from 44 percent. It is encouraging that, as time goes on more and more people are getting access to engineers and remain motivated to seek such consultation. Another positive finding is that the highest rates of consultation with engineers is among those who have started or completed their construction (89 and 84 percent respectively).  This indicates that most people who are building are committed to building their homes with seismic safety in mind. Important caveats that should be carefully considered: women are less likely than men to have already consulted an engineer, and urban respondents are nearly 20 percent less likely to have consulted an engineer than rural respondents. Furthermore, extreme variation in consultation rate by district is observed, as reflected in the graph below. Of continued concern is Sindhupalchok's low level of consultation, given its high level of earthquake damage.

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