Key Findings in March

Sixty-four percent of people are satisfied with the grant dispersal process, another steady improvement over the previous round of data collection. However, those in rural areas are more satisfied than those in urban areas (67 vs. 56 percent).

The current status of respondents’ homes proved to be a strong indicator of their level of satisfaction. Those who have already completed, or at least started, their reconstruction are much more positive about the process than those who are still awaiting further support to begin rebuilding.

The major complaints with the process among the 34 percent who were not satisfied included first tranche insufficient to being work (30 percent), lengthy/time consuming process (29 percent) and complicated nature (29 percent). Partners also reported that beneficiaries in Dolakha claim there has been favoritism in drafting the grant beneficiary list and are upset that some who do not meet the selection criteria have been enlisted.

What are people saying?

Why are you not satisfied with the grant dispersal process?

First tranche insufficient to begin work (30%)

Lengthy/time consuming process (29%)

Complicated in nature (29%)