Key Findings in March

Information needs have seen a significant improvement over just the past two months, from 58 percent to 71 percent of people saying they have the information they need to access support. Despite this overall improvement, the recurrent trend of women feeling less informed than their male counterparts is observed in this round. Similarly, older people are less informed than younger people, and Dalit, Gurung, Tamang and other Janajati report feeling less informed than high caste and Newari respondents.

This round, for the first time, CFP collected information on respondents’ mother tongue. Among those whose mother tongue was Newari and Magar, there was no negative impact on their access to information, in fact they were more positive about their ability to access the information they need than those whose first language was Nepali. However, there was a negative correlation between access to information and those whose mother tongues were Gurung and Tamang

Finally, there is also a noticeable difference between urban and rural populations in their ability to access the information they need. While 78 percent of urban people reported having the information they needed, only 69 percent of rural people felt the same way.

What are people saying?

Top information needs

If I am eligible or not (21%)

When will I get support (17%)