Key Findings in August

Across 2580 respondents in 40 palikas 45 percent have provided some form of feedback on the reconstruction process, either by asking a question or filing a concern, complaint or grievance.
Among the 42 percent who have not provided feedback, the top reason is not having a question, concern, complaint or grievance, which is excellent. Unfortunately, 33 percent have not provided feedback because they do not feel that anyone would listen to, or care about, what they have to say.

What are people saying?

If no, what are the barriers to providing feedback?

58 %

Do not have a question/ complaint/grievance

20 %

Do not feel anyone would listen or have concern

16 %

Don’t know where and how to give feedback

13 %

Do not think anyone cares about my feedback

13 %

Do not feel it would change anything

9 %

Do not have access to concerned person

9 %

Do not feel I am able to ask a question