Key Findings in August

Seventy-eight percent of respondents think that men and women are equally engaged in the econstruction and recovery process. Results from focus groups may shed some light on this response. The majority of focus group participants stated that men and women were equally engaged in the reconstruction process, but that they were engaged in different ways. Women are mostly engaged as wage labourers, mixing cement, carrying stones and bricks, while men are more likely to work as skilled labour. Participants also added that when it comes to wage labour, women are paid less than men for the same work. It seems that because both men and women are engaged in reconstruction, respondents reported that they are equally
engaged, when in fact, upon closer examination, the nature of their engagement is anything but equal.

What are people saying?

If no, why are they not equally engaged?

35 %

Women don’t know how to reconstruct

35 %

Women don’t have construction skills

31 %

Low participation in training

23 %

Low engagement in building process

22 %

Preference given to men in beneficiary list

22 %

Lack of proper knowledge on reconstruction process

18 %

Women are not as strong as men

15 %

Reconstruction is not women’s role