Key Findings in August

A total of 31 percent of respondents feel that someone in their community is being excluded or discriminated against in earthquake recovery activities. Reasons given by respondents for this exclusion or discrimination are, first and foremost, political connections, followed by joint families, and lack of proper documentation, including identity or land documents, and unregistered land.
In focus group discussions, particularly in Makwanpur, Bagmati and Bakaiya gaunpalika, the issue of land ownership and documentation was raised. Participants expressed frustration with being unable to take part in the reconstruction process, or even take loans for livelihood or housing recovery because the land they have been living on for decades is not registered.

What are people saying?

What are the top reasons for exclusion or discrimination?

75 %

Based on political connection

15 %

Joint families

15 %

Lacking official documents

13 %

Unregistered land

11 %

Severity of damage

11 %

Based on caste system