Key Findings in August

A total of 58 percent of respondents are aware of training opportunities in their area. However, male respondents were significantly more likely to be aware of training opportunities than female respondents at 66 percent compared to only 50 percent of women. Additionally, among those that knew about
training, participation rates are higher for men, at 18 percent versus only 13 percent of women. Respondents who did not participate in training, but wanted to, cited several reasons for not being able to participate, including limited availability of spaces, household chores, and not being informed in time to
participate. Women were much more likely than men to say their lack of participation was due to not being informed in advance and training being focused on male participants. This strongly indicates that training opportunities not being targeted, or made accessible, to women.

What are people saying?

What was that training?

45 %


40 %

New farming skills

13 %


11 %


Reason for not participating if wanted to?

42 %

Limited number

41 %

Due to household chores

14 %

Not informed

13 %

Due to agriculture works

9 %

Focus on male participation