Key Findings in August

Across 2580 respondents in 40 palikas 98 percent feel they face some type of constraints to their livelihood recovery, with 53 percent sayings “not many” and seven percent saying “a lot”. Among the 45 percent who face “some” or “a lot of” constraints, top constraints include a lack of jobs, a lack of skills, and the burden of loans. Compounding this concern, when asked how they plan to cope with these constraints 42 percent say they will take additional loans.
As we already know, most families are borrowing money to rebuild their house and meet reconstruction deadlines. Here we can see that this debt is making it more difficult for them to recover economically. There is a very high risk of a dangerous cycle of debt beginning in earthquake affected communities where the majority of households are borrowing money at extremely high rates and under poor terms from informal lenders.

What are people saying?

What are the top constraints to livelihood recovery?

48 %

Lack of jobs

30 %

No skills

29 %

Burden of loans

22 %

Don’t have resources to start a livelihood

20 %

Farmland destroyed

13 %

Water resources damaged

10 %

Lack of access to market