Key Findings in August

Across 2580 respondents in 40 palikas 48 percent say their family’s daily food needs are completely met, and an additional 41 percent say they are somewhat met. This leaves only 12 percent who feel their family’s daily food needs are not being met. Among all of those respondents whose food needs were not completely met, requirements to meet family food needs were cited as: new skills, paid work, land to farm and improved seeds. 

All respondents were asked how they meet their family’s daily food needs. While growing and buying food top the list, six percent of respondents report needing to borrow money to meet their family’s daily food needs. In the context of an expensive reconstruction process, that the majority of households need to borrow money to complete, families that are required to borrow additional funds just to eat should be a
grave concern.

What are people saying?

If no, what are the things your family requires to meet daily food needs?

40 %

New skills

38 %

Paid work

35 %

Land to farm

29 %

Improved seeds

18 %

Cash support

17 %

Access to water

12 %


How are you meeting your daily food needs?

86 %

Growing own food

84 %

Buying food

6 %

Borrowing money

5 %

Cash for work