Key Findings in August

Among 2580 respondents across 40 palikas, over three years after the earthquake, only six percent feel their family has completely recovered, with an additional 62 percent who feel their family has somewhat recovered.
Among those who do not feel their family has recovered, respondents cited a lack of disaster resilient housing as their top constraint. The majority of respondents who said this are only in the planning, or very initial stages of reconstruction. This illustrates the strong emphasis communities are putting on
housing in their overall perception of their recovery. The next greatest constraints are a lack of economic opportunities, the burden of debt and the insufficiency of current livelihood options to meet recovery needs. This makes it clear that many families are still struggling greatly with the financial and shelter needs of their family.

What are people saying?

If no, what are the top things constraining your recovery?

58 %

Disaster resilient housing

54 %

Economic opportunities

42 %


23 %

Insufficient livelihood

7 %


5 %

Preparedness and risk reduction capacity