Key Findings in March

The stress on needing sufficient water supply has never been greater. A total of 40 percent of respondents cited water supply as their top community reconstruction need. There is no signifciant difference between female and male respondents in the prioritization of water as the main community reconstruction need.

District wise analysis illustrates that out of 14 districts, 12 districts regard water as the primary concern. It was only in Bhaktapur and Lalitpur where the priorities of roads and schools respectively emerged as top concerns. Furthermore, the pattern holds across all caste/ethnic groups as well. Water emerged as a concern soon after the earthquake and has been growing in significance ever since. This is the first time the Community Perception Survey has illustrated such unanimous results across districts and ethnic groups, on any question.

In Gumda, Gorkha focus group discussion revealed that the community was waiting for monsoon to begin reconstruction so that they could collect enough water to build. Currently they must walk at least one hour each way to the nearest river to bath, and fetch water for drinking and cooking.

What are people saying?

District hightlights

Respondents in Nuwakot (63%), Makwanpur and Ramechhap (51%) prioritized water most strongly among all districts

Respondents in Dolakha (24%), Okhaldunga (21%) and Ramechhap (21%) prioritized roads most strongly among all districts

People in Gumda VDC of Gorkha district busy constructing their house.

Photo credit: CFP/RCO